Geláre is ice cream with real flavour and no artificial ingredients which guarantees to deliver a smile on the face of every ice cream lover.

Geláre is an Italian word that means "to freeze" or "congeal" and Italy is where the ice cream originated. The Romans were the first to make it, however an American, Jacob Fussell, perfected the process back in 1851.

Geláre has taken the best qualities from both countries and expanded upon them to create a World Class Ice Cream.

In Italy, ice cream has much lower air content (over run). Geláre has improved upon this by creating a heavy, dense ice cream with no over run. To achieve this we use specially modified machinery to churn the ice cream. Italy is also famous for intense natural flavours, and Geláre, of course, uses only ALL NATURAL ingredients with absolutely no artificial flavouring, colouring or preservatives.

American style ice cream is somewhat creamier than ice cream made in Italy. Geláre has greatly improved the Italian version by changing the cream content making our ice cream unusually smooth.

Geláre can be folded into a cup Italian style or scooped into one of our freshly baked cones or served as a topping on a piping hot waffle, freshly baked on the spot.

Although Geláre may appear to be more expensive than other ice cream, it is not. A half litre of Geláre weighs more than a litre of most other ice creams. In fact Geláre is actually less expensive than many other lower quality brands by weight, although much higher in quality.

Enjoy the product that combines the best qualities of Italian and American ice cream with an Australian twist into what many people believe may be the "Ultimate Ice Cream" - Geláre Ice Cream!

To most of us the ideal ice cream is the home-made style, really fine ice cream, made from wholesome, natural ingredients once used in old fashioned, hand-cranked freezers to produce extra-rich home-made products that our parents and grandparents remember so fondly.

However, it has always been rather difficult and costly to produce this type of ice cream commercially. With that in mind and knowing that there is a market desperately looking for this type of product we began our search many years ago. After considerable research and experimentation across several countries and with assistance from some of the most experienced professionals in the ice cream industry, we succeeded in modifying ice cream machines, developing flavours and perfecting recipes resulting in a wonderful hybrid that duplicates the old fashioned, home-made ice cream. This exceptionally creamy and uniquely delicious ice cream came to be known as Geláre.

A true super-premium ice cream, Geláre is produced with fresh milk and cream, the best available quality ingredients and the latest ice cream manufacturing technology. It is richer in flavour and texture, heavier in weight with no overrun (air content) and excellent shelf life.

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